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“flocking behavior in birds, or herding behavior in sheep, or schooling behavior in fish.” (Waldrop, p.241)

-“new technology enables new kinds of group forming” (p. 17)
-refers to Tim O’Reilly as coining “‘architecture of participation’” (17)
-“Eric Raymond, the theorist of Open Source software, calls ‘a plausible promise’ (18)
-“We are living in the middle of a remarkable increase in our ability to share . . . and to take collective action, outside the framework of traditional institutions and organizations.” (20-21)

All of these patterns are emergent, there is no leader bird which other birds follow, no conductor firefly leading the band — these patterns emerge out of the behavior of individuals and the adjustment of that behavior in interaction with other individuals. ( http://ccl.northwestern.edu/papers/MEE/, Jan. 27, 2009)