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Emergent Identity: What the if… happened!

What the if… happened!

Apr 13, 10:21 AM // // Filed under:

Wow, what a time warp I’ve been in for the last couple of weeks. It was a whirlwind of implementation, execution, and continuous refinement, all the while trying to balance letting things emerge while keeping efforts organized and focused. In the end, I feel as though I struck a balance; obviously, if I were to do it again, there are changes I would make, but having a two-week period in which to intensely work and refine my actions helped.

Now that the installation is ‘complete,’ it’s time to document what exactly happened. Initially, I was excited for that change in focus, but this weekend I was just left feeling overwhelmed and under-motivated. Of course, having to do my taxes on top of this (and return to regularly scheduled teaching) hasn’t helped things. But, today I’ve made a list, and three hours of writing is on it.



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