Thesis mtg notes, 1/30/09

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Whoa, where did January go?

So, before I entirely forget what Jasper and I talked about today, I figured I should compile it and somewhat digest it (before heading to digest something of real substance, i.e., food and beer). Now, where to begin…

In general, there needs to be a sense of a sustained, prolonged campaign that unites all the ‘interventionist’ pieces that I create and install. It’s not necessary that my pieces are all ‘created’ by me, in fact, they can be using commercially created designs or technologies that I position and install in appropriate places in order to interrupt the expectations of my audience (the CDes community). However, it is necessary that they create a strong presence that is purposefully orchestrated by me. Place and method should have a purpose and a meaning.

Some ideas:

  • Big blowing sock thingy

  • Yellow/black arrow signs

  • Blinking/scrolling LED signs

  • popcorn machines

  • foreclosure signs/notices

  • packing peanuts (recycled?)

  • computer screens with question (i.e., Twitter feed box or other ‘emergent’ technology)

  • For sale signs (real estate)

  • Giant Google-style pins

  • Sprayed frost stencils or decals on windows

  • Something that responds to U’s “no logos” policy (i.e., removing or covering up all identifiers within the buildings and on the website)

These pieces can comment on current and emerging trends (cultural, economic, University/college) and raise questions about the University’s academic response. Finally, I want them to remain ephemeral and temporary, so that they are encouraged to be changed or responded to. I need to consider how to create spaces that encourage, respond to and maybe even record the results of this change.



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