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Emergent Identity: Mood board and plan

Mood board and plan

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Togetherness compThis style board starts shows the current situation and the intended result. Rotate as necessary. As is reading right now, the top portion illustrates the current situation, in light of the new CDes community: students’ excitement, lots of ideas, the inclusion of Minneapolis and St. Paul and the possibilities for collaboration.The excitement that built but fell flat with a feeling of lack of complete representation.

The bottom shows what could be done: diversified inclusion– using multiple modes of information gathering and expression to truly collaborate and create an ‘identity’ that speaks louder. Work, technology, questioning and exploration. Not trying to be everything or represent everything, but showing real work, real questions, and real use of technology, etc.

Ideas compAt this point, my idea for the CDes community is 3 fold, and would unfold in the following order:

1. Paper covering the floor of the atrium of McNeal hall
2. Transparency/acetate covering the doors with pens hanging for marking
3. Sheets of cello-tak or strong adhesive covering certain areas where lots of work occurs (studios, workshops, etc)
4. Live event, TBD

I am open to elevating the level of interaction as time goes on, as well as the ‘reward’ for participation. The final result (4) is unknown, but will be the “identity” piece that I create based on what happens, what’s observed, etc. It will probably be web-based, but may be some posters/prints as well to use throughout the two campuses.

Please note that I intend on following a similar 3 step process in Rapson Hall, and will be traveling there tomorrow to get a sense of the space, interactions within, etc. I am intending that the 4th piece (not illustrated) will somehow merge these two campuses, either through a physical travel of the pieces from one campus to the other, or digitally, through a new dynamic website. Maybe both…we’ll see what emerges.



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