So emergence walks into a bar…

Nov 18, 10:28 AM // // Filed under:

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep (what a joke these days), I thought about something Jasper said (also probably a joke): “Can you observe emergence in a bar?” Truth is you can– in fact, it’s quite easy.

Think about it: in a bar, the repetitive action is simple– consuming a drink. The patterns that emerge are varied, but somewhat controlled: drunkenness, game playing, acquaintance meeting, etc. While the unit (a drink) doesn’t change, the patterns are interchangeable to the point that the results are nearly limitless. Right? I wonder how I can model this.

I thought about using napkins / napkin rings as imagery, or else bottles and glasses. Too bad someone couldn’t scan my brain last night as I was imagining designs for this… I’ll keep my sketchbook by my bed tonight.