The duel(ality?)

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There is a quality that exists within my concept of emergence– the part in which we allow things to “emerge” or happen by releasing our minds of critical processes and immerse ourselves in the medium, the moment, and the tools we have on hand AND the part where we take a critical look at and examine the situation–people, circumstances, and other influencing factors– and consciously respond to the trends noticed in the current situation.

In order for my project to fulfill my definition of emergen(t design, identity, etc)ce, it needs to address and consider these two equally important parts of the term– in my words.

By using interesting surfaces as palettes and unexpected materials as my tools, I can fulfill the first part while addressing the CDes audience. In order to fulfill the second part, I can continually adapt my messages, meanings, and designs to respond to the responses received for the previous pieces– ultimately, the pieces could exist in a format that allows for continual adaptation and adjustments.