in here / out there

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Continuing in the vein of drawing attention to the U bubble and interrupting routine, I’ve been thinking about some way to draw attention to the differences we feel between academia and the ‘real world.’ Especially in the college of design, where we’re wanting to service ‘real people’ and create designs that speak or otherwise improve our artifactual world, it’s important to check ourselves with the facts and fight against the blur.

CDes logo in various stages of breakdownBesides looking at the College of Design’s stated mission and values, it is also important to look at their visual identity. Interestingly, if you look at the various stages of breaking down the CDes logo, there is a sense of interruption, unexpected, and pattern formation that occurs. I think I could play with exploiting this or implementing it in a way that would be appropriate (rather than pointless) to the CDes community.

How is this emergent? Well, one of my definitions of emergence is “Refinement through routine“– in this case, through breaking the everyday routine of individuals, we can refine their thinking, maybe even their actions and ideally affect social change– refinement to the highest degree.

in here / out there logoSome initial ideas for this include, “in here / out there” – a presentation of facts and realities on the glass windows throughout McNeal Hall (and probably Rapson too) that tries to burst that metaphorical bubble of the University community.

This idea could even include differences between these two campuses, and encourage mediation between the two or more interdisciplinary action– after all, isn’t that why the college was created?